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Though I’m curious about all things martech, content, and social media –I’m not among the ones that rave about an app within a week of usage, but Clubhouse has got me intrigued and interested.

It’s a voice-only chat room/social media app in beta stage for starters, which is available only for iPhone users that too on an invite basis only. The app allows anyone on the platform to start a voice-based conversation quickly, just like how you would bump into people at a tradeshow or a conference and start a conversation with them.

My friend and the legendary gamification expert, Yu-kai Chou, well known for his Octalysis Framework for gamification, would be proud of how Clubhouse is playing it.

But more importantly, Clubhouse has got product-led growth (PLG) right! Here's an example:

In platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, the follower count is just a number. Only a small perfect of those followers see your content. And LinkedIn is reducing visibility more and more by the day. And that is precisely what Clubhouse cashes on.

For example, when someone you follow jumps up on a stage in some room, the app notifies you in a simple but compelling way—even if your phone is locked. If you click on the notification, you instantly join the room as a passive listener.