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“Everything is marketing.”

It’s an overused business mantra, but for brands on Facebook it’s a very relevant warning.

The content you publish, the interactions you have with your fans, and the actions you take with other Facebook business pages all affect your business.

Meanwhile, Facebook, along with Google and the other major online platforms, are committed to developing better and better experiences for their users.

It’s natural, therefore, that they want content published on their respective platforms to engage valuably and entertain effectively.

In order to sift through all the things being published, the Facebook and Google search algorithms are getting smarter.

If you’re simply creating content in order to fill space, you won’t get very far.

But if you’re creating the right kind of content and then pushing it naturally – organically – you’ll see much better results.

The development of social media and analytics tools mean you can reach more people than ever, more effectively than ever.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    6 months ago #

    Engagement is the #1 prerequisite to get organic reach. It needs to be about human interaction though.

    Short-sighted automation using chatbots and the likes rather backfires as people feel tricked when they realize it's not a person responding.

    • NS

      nyha shree

      5 months ago #

      @Tad chef Agree with your point, automating customer service with chatbots is a terrible mistake. One can not just take the human out of building relations.

      Hence at jumper.ai, we only offer automation for pure e-commerce checkouts - which work well in an automated process, where is more about giving the customer a more contextual and seamless method to make a purchase any platform of their choosing.

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