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Product/market fit is crucial to the success of any new product, entrepreneurs and product managers will tell you. But if you ask what it means, very few will have a clear answer. Even fewer know how to measure product/market fit using metrics.

In this post, we will not only discuss some of the most common definitions of product/market, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, but also give you the best free tool to measure it for your product.

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    This shows you how, in this modern world, where you can sell your product all around the globe thanks to technology, there is also a need to use current technology to analyze and better understand the market you are trying to approach.

    It isn't the same to sell products on a single small shop where you even get to know all your customers in your small community vs dealing with a nationwide or global market.

    You don't get to see them face to face, you don't even have time to read every comment, every complain or every suggestion.

    You need efficient software that is able to collect the data and give you a summary that you can read and interpretate.

    You might even need a professional to analyze what the software or multiple softwares came with.

    There are as many complexities as opportunities.