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As the field of data analytics and data integration continue to mature, it is increasingly clear that the solution to keeping pace with accelerating demands of business requires a more holistic enterprise-wide view and that automation, end-to-end integration, and infrastructure abstraction are foundational to success. However, one of the challenges we have noticed over the past few years is a lack of a distinct vocabulary that reflects the evolution that has happened in the data analytics, data integration and data management markets.

This leaves a gap in how best to describe the requirements for data management when distributed data execution and storage platforms are constantly evolving, and companies are balancing on-premise and cloud data architectures.

This post from Infoworks is a high-level description of Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2). Future blog posts will go into more detail on both the benefits and core capabilities of EDO2 systems, so keep an eye on their blog in future weeks to learn more.