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You build a business by solving problems. You scale business by engaging with the customers. Did you know that every 20% increase in customer engagement leads to a 1% average increase in brand stickiness, retention, and in turn revenue? There are multiple stories on how customer engagement has improved brand identity and sales for different businesses. We are being flooded with engagement models, strategies, and plans—so much so that it’s suffocating. Listen, running a business is not easy. You cannot just follow models that worked for others and hope that it works for you. You need to get deeper than that; get to the root. Know what actually matters. It’s important that you know this to decode and create a customer engagement strategy that truly works for you. And getting your foundation right gives you the right acceleration that you need. Many successful customer-centric companies talk about how they engineer their own customer engagement plan by understanding the basics of engagement. This post will give you the perspective that helps you understand the basics of customer engagement; the first step towards building an infallible strategy; your foundation. Read along to fully understand customer engagement—the science and art of it.

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