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There’s an ancient Indian proverb about 6 blind men and an elephant. The proverb says that the 6 men all have different ideas of what an elephant looks like based on their experience touching the elephant.

The problem is that the blind men can not agree on what the elephant actually looks like as they each encountered a different part of the elephant. While one man felt the tail of the elephant and described it as an animal that’s like a rope, another felt the side of the elephant and described it as a wall.

This proverb speaks directly to one of the biggest challenges of growth and breaking down pre-existing silos.
Imagine the elephant as the customer and each department in an organization represents a blind man, all are going to be biased toward their own interaction with the customer, the part of the elephant that’s right in front of them.

An enlightened growth leader is an individual with a well-informed, modern, and rational outlook that breaks down biases and silos, influences others within an organization, and uncovers new opportunities in order to grow and sustain customer value over the long-run.

The enlightened growth leader visualizes the full elephant and helps get everyone on the team rallied around the challenge of leading the elephant to water.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    12 months ago #

    Yeah, marketing is also like the elephant. The search team just sees the tail, the PPC team just the mouth, the CRM team just the body and so on.

    • DH

      Dani Hart

      12 months ago #

      Do you mean that marketing is also like the 6 blind men? :P Totally agree. Everyone fixes the "problem" with what they know vs. what's best for the customer.

  • FP

    foti panagio

    12 months ago #

    Burnout in growth is so common it's not even funny. Thanks for writing this!