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The first few years of running an online business are tough. It seems like everyone else has already figured it all out while you remain on the sidelines.

What if we told you that it’s possible to use those who’ve been in this trade for longer to your advantage?

How? With solo ads.

What are solo ads, we hear you ask? How can they help you and your business? In simple terms, solo ads are an investment you make for increasing your traffic and, ultimately, your email list and success rate.

Let’s take a detailed look at how this works.

  • CW

    chine wine

    8 months ago #

    very informative

  • TT

    TopTip Tip

    8 months ago #

    Thanks for posting awesome article.

  • GM

    Gerald Mumpuku

    8 months ago #

    Thank you! I'm so glad you found it helpful

  • O_

    orlie _

    8 months ago #

    What are the best way to create solo ads when you're an e-commerce with thousands of users? have you ever used a tool like Abyssale.com or similar?
    Platforms as such allow your to generate banners on the fly from your copy, using dynamic generation to do thousands of variations on the colors or the creative.
    That way if you have let's say 100 products that you're selling through your e-commerce you can target and customize these solo-ads to the audience that clicked on a particular product!

  • CB

    Cheryl Bbasera

    6 months ago #

    Very helpful. Udimi is a great place to buy and sell advertising.