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Solid lessons and actionable advice on branding and positioning from someone who's done it successfully multiple times. Favorite quote: "...You have every reason to do this work, to figure out your precise target customer for the short and long-term. Even if it means taking a couple of months to really nail this down. What’s a couple of months in the roughly 5-10 years you’ll spend betting on this customer to build and grow the company?"

  • BM

    Barbara Maim

    over 2 years ago #

    Excellent article, thanks for the insights and concrete examples. I'm wondering though: when you have a company like YouTube, it must be really hard to define your HXC, since it could be anyone. And saying that the HXC is "someone who was simply looking to have a human experience, to laugh, to share their talents, to learn something" is very vague. Any insights on how YouTube nailed their HXC and what was that HXC?