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I sifted through 202 academic studies on customer reviews, and I compiled all of the unique (and actionable) tips that I found.

Here's an overview:


  • Tip 1: Use a Maximum Word Count for Review Titles
  • Tip 2: Use a Minimum Word Count for Review Text
  • Tip 3: Detect (and Fix) Spelling and Grammar Errors
  • Tip 4: Don’t Hide the Drawbacks of Your Product
  • Tip 5: Use Placeholder Text to Get Persuasive Review Titles
  • Tip 6: Categorize the Review into Subheadings
  • Tip 7: Ask Questions That Extract Persuasive Information
  • Tip 8: Reward Users Who Add Images or Video


  • Tip 9: Show Reviews from Regular Customers
  • Tip 10: Show Proof That Users Consumed the Product
  • Tip 11: Display the Real Names of Reviewers
  • Tip 12: Rank Each Reviewer’s Contribution History
  • Tip 13: Let Users Follow Reviewers


  • Tip 14: Emphasize One Positive and One Negative Review
  • Tip 15: Sort by Most Helpful (Positive) Reviews
  • Tip 16: Let Users Sort Reviews By Different Criteria
  • Tip 17: Show Fewer Reviews for Luxury Products


  • Tip 18: Display a Rating That’s Above Average, Yet Imperfect
  • Tip 19: Use Simpler Rating Scales for Niche Products
  • Tip 20: Show Ratings on Multiple Dimensions of the Product
  • Tip 21: Let Users Rate the Helpfulness of Each Review
  • Tip 22: Use Schema Markup to Show Ratings in Search Engines


  • Tip 23: Let Readers Comment on Reviews
  • Tip 24: Respond to Negative Reviews
  • Tip 25: Monitor (and Censor) the Use of Expletives
  • Tip 26: Let Users Flag or Report Reviews