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Heatmaps are very helpful tools that can be used for increasing the conversion rates on your webpage while also keeping your site as optimized as possible.

Knowing how they work and what they bring to the table is essential for maximizing the capabilities of heatmaps and getting the most out of them. While it's not hard to read them and use them once you get the hang of it, it is all about the long term with heatmaps. They are one of the best tools that help you understand your users and optimize your site with the user in mind.

Understanding how website heatmaps work and what they tell you is essential for any designer out there. Here, we will take a look at what a heatmap can tell you about your product page.

  • KF

    Karen Fang

    about 2 months ago #

    Loved reading about this! Coming from a UX perspective, I always advocate for the use of heat maps in a marketing setting because it gives us valuable insights that just numerical metrics can't. Thanks for sharing!

    • HT

      Hannah Tow

      about 2 months ago #

      I couldn't agree more! Heatmaps provide such valuable insight! Thanks for the comment, Karen :)