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Hi Folks!

There is at least one time in a marketer's experience that they have landed their Ip or domain in email blacklists.

It is frustrating especially if you are a good sender and still the email blacklists are haunting you! :(

So I have come up with a detailed guide on email blacklists and what causes your Ip or domain to land in them. Also how to de-list and avoid them altogether! :)

Here are the takeaways:

- What are email blacklists?

- What are some of the anti-spam companies which operate them?

- How do ISP blacklists work?

- What are the bad practices that can land your domain in email blacklists?

- How does one know if their IP/domain has landed in a blacklist?

- 4 sure-fire ways to avoid being a part of them

  • RG

    Raghav G

    about 1 month ago #

    Informative article!

    That's a very detailed guide on blacklists.