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How can you rank your eCommerce product pages for competitive terms? What page elements help product pages rank well for trending and profitable keywords?

Is building as many backlinks as possible really the key to ranking well? (Hint: nope)

To help answer these questions, we identified 25 competitive eCommerce terms that have been trending upward in search volume in the past year (according to data from Google Trends and Shopify).

We used Ahrefs to analyze the top ten results for each keyword, then looked for trends among the results.

Some of our key findings:

- Site authority and page authority helps product pages rank in the top 10—but they are not enough to get the top spots on their own.
- For high authority sites, a few quality backlinks gave a strong boost to rankings.
- Ranking in the first organic position was not a guarantee that a site would receive the most traffic.

  • JT

    Jason Thibault

    11 months ago #

    This is gold.

    "One of your advantages against a big company like Amazon is that you’re willing to spend more time ranking a particular product page. Amazon isn’t going to do as much link building or optimizing for a single product page."

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