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1. PageSpeed appears to play a major role in voice search SEO. The average voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds (52% faster than the average page). 2. HTTPS websites dominate Google’s voice search results. In fact, 70.4% of Google Home result pages are secured with HTTPS. 3. Google prefers short, concise answers to voice search queries. The typical voice search result is only 29 words in length. 4. Schema may not play a key role in voice search rankings. 36.4% of voice search results come from pages that use Schema (which is only slightly higher than the worldwide average of 31.3%).

  • TN

    Tri Nguyen

    about 3 years ago #

    This was a really interesting study.

    At first I was confused at the (seemingly contradictory) findings of Google preferring short, concise answers to voice search queries (which intuitively makes sense) and Google tending to source voice search answers from long form content. But it totally makes sense that longer content means more opportunities for the text on your page to “match” a voice search query.

    Also it wasn't as apparent to me before but after reading this, the urgency of being the featured snippet is 100x more now.

    @backlinko : regarding the finding that HTTPS websites dominate Google’s voice search results - in general are there any good reasons for anyone to not have migrated to HTTPs already?

    • BD

      Brian Dean

      about 3 years ago #

      Good question, Tri. The only reason is that it's a big pain for sites with lots of pages (that's why top 50 websites like IMDB haven't switched to HTTPS yet).

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    about 3 years ago #

    Great study, Brian. What bums me a little is that voice search gives preference to highly authoritative domains. It's bad news for weak and new sites, including mine.
    However, there is a silver lining there.

    Beside high DR (and perhaps a high number of social shares), all other factors are in my control.
    I think that if one could tick off other 8 voice search ranking factors, then more often than not, it would get featured as THE answer.

    Google knows that high authority doesn't guarantee the best answer; And they must have some way to make sure.

    Maybe high authority is just the backup metric; When two pages are relatively equal in all other factors.
    The only question is:
    Is this my wishful thinking? :)