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Don’t believe the hype about inbound marketing replacing cold prospecting.

Good inbound marketing brings leads, but it takes patience, targeting is harder, and customer acquisition cost (CAC) can run high. Cold prospecting is proactive, goes straight to the target, and initiates the dialogue needed for sales.

We need our sales hunters and we can help reduce their stress in ways that benefit the whole company. With cloud technology, centralized contacts, and a culture of internal referrals, warming up prospects is easier and more effective than ever. Here’s the why and how to do it.

  • NB

    Nathan Binford

    about 2 months ago #

    I love the internal contact sharing strategy. I can see how this would be extremely useful in mid-to-large-sized organizations. I'm in a smaller organization (startup) and struggling to get leadership / investors to open up their contacts in this way. Since their contacts are more likely to be valuable than my own (or the intern's), this feels like a priority. Any suggestions on how to manage up to achieve these same goals? Thanks!