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Every emerging technology is bound to attract the attention of decision-makers and marketers sooner or later. Yet, they don’t always react fast enough to take full advantage of it. In the past, some opportunities were overlooked by many - and those who acted fast eventually took over.

For example, Facebook and Google didn’t ignore the potential of mobile solutions and quickly dominated the mobile advertising market, just because they decided to take a mobile-first approach at the right time. On the other hand, sometimes it was the marketers who seized the opportunity - but the consumers were simply not ready for it. Take beacons and QR codes, as an example. There were multiple campaigns revolving around them, but they didn’t seem to resonate very well with the audience in the end.

At the moment, voice assistants are definitely one of the hottest technologies to make good use of. Are they being used to their full potential, though? And who’s actually going to take control of the voice assistant market (if they haven’t already)?

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