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Freemium tales — both successes and failures — tend to arrive with a side order of a common refrain: ’it’s not for everybody!’

Which is great.

But this also single-handedly dwarfs the two big freemium questions.

Who is it really for when both enterprise SaaS products (27 of the Cloud 100) and consumer products deploy it well?
For those who’d benefit from adopting it, what kinds of foundational changes are necessary to grow?

Wielding Freemium is a virtual gathering of voices, across SaaS disciplines, sharing exactly how they’ve addressed the very same questions.

Whether it’s the amazing Kristen Habacht’s session, laying out how she built a freemium-focussed sales team at Trello or Spotify’s Ana Sandra Ruiz’ monetization masterclass, there’s an incredible amount of learning to be had.

If you work at a freemium SaaS or are thinking of experimenting with it, I’d like to invite you, this October 24th, for some masterful insights on wielding this peculiar model for growth.