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People aren’t reading your well-intentioned, meticulously crafted content.

The reality is that people read content on the web very differently than they do offline.

They’re always in a hurry to find the specific piece of information they’re looking for, so they’ll skip any content that’s irrelevant to their quest.

🤔 So how can you get people to read your content and leave the key takeaways you’re trying to communicate?

🔑 Shift your writing approach and optimize your content by using UX writing tactics.

The main goal of writing for the web is to improve the experience for your audience.

Improving their experience is what will keep them engaged on your website and make them more likely to return in the future.

⬇️ This post outlines 15 effective tips on how to write for the web that can help as you write your next blog post or landing page content.

  • KR

    Kate R

    about 1 month ago #

    Excellent examples and article content, everything is clear and accessible! I liked the paragraph 1. Know your audience. After all, in the UX writing you really need to determine the target client and also choose the tone of voice for communicating with the site visitor, I learned a couple more tips after reading this article, I leave a link, and I advise you to read- https://gapsystudio.com/blog/ux-writing/.