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Marketing and sales professionals perhaps have the best advantage out of LinkedIn because of the way the platform works in their favor. Marketing through Google is critical, but its ad bidding system and race around ranking make it a tough nut to crack. Facebook ads have high reach, high potential. However, it’s kind of pointless for B2B marketing needs. Nurturing leads through other acquisition channels such as emails, webinars, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, etc. is mostly a grunt work because it takes a lot of time and hard work to sift qualified leads from the amount of traffic they get through these acquisition channels.

LinkedIn, in contrast, has been a high signal platform from the beginning. Its hyper-personal reach is unmatched by any other platform. I mean, what other platform allows you to target by professional title, geography, seniority level, and even company name? It is also a humongous social media market. Out of LinkedIn’s 580+ million users, 303 million are monthly active users (MAUs). Of that, 40% are daily active users (DAUs) — a majority of who are specialized business professionals from across the world.

A case study in $20 organic marketing: 

In November 2018, my friend Yaagneshwaran (popularly known as Yaag) and I decided to run an experiment on LinkedIn. Back then we were colleagues and our day usually started with us meeting at the office cafeteria to discuss a plethora of topics ranging from books to productivity hacks, parenting to entrepreneurship, and writing to marketing. We held contradictory viewpoints on most of these topics, although we were principally aligned by a mutual drive to become better marketers.

On a particular Monday morning, we went through a lot of back and forth on the topic of how some books are actionable while others are filled with just a bunch of abstract concepts. Desperate to reach a conclusion on who had a better argument, we decided to throw the topic out in social and let the jury decide for us. So we recorded a painfully long 8-minute-video broadcasting our offline coffee conversation to the LinkedIn audience.

And then this is what happened...