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All the examples, teardowns, and lessons we’re reading about couldn’t help us figure out the ‘big’ questions of Chargebee’s onboarding flow.

It might have been a little unfair of us to expect them to, though.

The answers to questions like how long an onboarding flow should be, what design approach to take, which parts of it to make mandatory, and where to draw the line between user onboarding and customer success should come from our customers alone.

Does this mean we haven’t learned anything from these amazing onboarding flows?

Absolutely not.

Examples of great user onboarding are case studies of how to get the small, delightful things right. Here are the biggest lessons we’ve learned about the smallest details.

  • VM

    Vijay Mandeep

    almost 2 years ago #

    One in four mobile apps are abandoned right after the first launch and 77% of users drop an app just 72 hours after download. You also know how important it is to get your onboarding flow just right. User Onboarding is the entire orientation process that takes into account what the app user wants to achieve and not just the product designers.

    5 key points you need to keep in mind to ensure your user has an incredible onboarding

    1. Communicate Your Value Proposition Quickly and Early
    2. Reduce Onboarding Time to Keep Users Engaged
    3. Include Fun, Incentivized Onboarding
    4. Prime Users for Permission
    5. Promise Users Their Information is Safe

    Here's a blog that I wrote where I share the secret to onboarding users who turn into your loyall users and brand evangelists: https://clevertap.com/blog/how-to-onboard-customers-that-become-loyal-app-users/

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