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In this post: * Learn the 150-year old copywriting formula you can adapt to sell on any channel, social media platform, offline, online, wherever * The one thing you need for inbound sales to work...if you don't have this, you're dead in the water * The one sentence on your LinkedIn profile that compels prospects to want to talk to you * How to instantly make yourself several points "hotter" with these 2 optical illusions from a celebrity portrait photographer * How not to screw up when you make contact with your prospect...and a stupid-simple way to make getting on the phone with you irresistible * And much more!

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    about 1 year ago #

    Great advice and examples here. Just make sure to also optimize your LinkedIn headline for their internal search. I had a "I help people..." headline for years and nobody searched for that. I added some common job titles and got found right away.

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