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Product Hunt has been an amazing launch platform for our image and video editing startup, Kapwing. We got to >300K monthly-active users last year with little marketing spend due partially to Product Hunt exposure. In this article, I’ll describe how Product Hunt (PH) works and share what strategies we’ve learned from fifteen PH launches in 2018.

Product Hunt is a community to discover new products, mostly apps and websites. It’s a website where you can see trending launches of the day and, if you’re a maker, you can post your own products to get some exposure. Posting - or “hunting” - new products is free, and many thousands of early adopters come to website every day to see what’s new and support makers.

Product Hunt has been an amazing launch platform for our startup, Kapwing. My co-founder, Eric Lu, and I launched 15 times on Product Hunt in 2018. Together, we’ve had a Top Product of the Day and two #2 products, and most of our features have done well. Recently, we were both nominated for 2018 “Makers of the Year,” and one of our products - Cartoonify - was nominated for the “Golden Kitty” award.

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