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The Instagram algorithm, just like the Facebook News Feed algorithm, is so mysterious yet ingenious and brilliant in showing the best content to the most people. To help marketers understand the algorithm better, I dived into several resources to decipher the Instagram algorithm (as much as I can). Here are the seven key factors I've found: 1. Engagement: How popular the post is 2. Relevancy: The genres of content you are interested in and have interacted with 3. Relationships: The accounts you regularly interact with 4. Timeliness: How recent the posts are 5. Profile Searches: The accounts you check out often 6. Direct Shares: Whose posts you are sharing 7. Time Spent: The duration spent viewing a post I'm sure I'm still missing many important details so if you have any thoughts, it'd be great to hear from you! Thanks.

  • SG

    Sharon Gomez

    over 1 year ago #

    Interesting that time spent on each post is a factor. I suppose that indicates quality content, but some types of images are probably more skimmable than others (e.g. if there's no text).

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