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I noticed there are tons of Founders, Growth Hackers, Head of Growths here… working in B2B companies and who are looking to get more leads on autopilot and skyrocket their conversion rate 💸

Growing a company is hard…. It’s hard because time is your most valuable resource, but you need time to figure out what’s working or not. With all the different marketing channels available, we have way too many options! However, choosing the wrong channel could lead to a complete failure. ♟ I know… it can be scary… but don’t worry… I am here to HELP 🎩

You don’t have to choose one channel! And the great thing is that, nowadays, you can automate pretty much everything. I’ve worked for weeks with my teammates at Expandi to set up this Ultimate Omni Channel Growth Hack with hyper personalization so you’ll be able to get leads on autopilot. In this guide, I’ll explain in depth step-by-step how to build your powerful Omni Channel Engine. 📔

You’ll be able to skyrocket your LinkedIn acceptance rate up to 79% 📉, get 70% open rate 💪 on your email outreach and last but not least TONS of cool replies… 😎

So, what do you think? Ready to start generating more leads with this omni channel LinkedIn outreach strategy? If you want it, check it out below 👇👇👇