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Product people are obsessed with product intuition and we’ve ceded it to the small group of people who’ve been anointed as product visionaries. This is evident in how we speak about product intuition — as if it’s an innate trait that people either “have” or “don’t have” rather than something that anyone can develop. I rarely hear from PMs or founders about the steps they’re taking to build their product intuition in the way that people build technical or design skills. Anxiety about whether we have it is rampant. Let me help you find you a different approach.

  • DH

    Dani Hart

    7 months ago #

    This point is so important for founders...

    "Try to prove yourself wrong rather than right. I’m starting here because this process is often the opposite of what we do when we’re developing product. We tend to start with an idea for a product or feature, then try to find use cases for it, from those use cases we then intuit which problems we’re really solving, and finally, who may want to use or buy this product."

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