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Digital transformation is a top priority of any business today. It is estimated that by 2020, nearly half of the revenue will be impacted by digital, so businesses need to go through an entire transformation in customer interaction, business plan, model, strategy and operations. Business have to adopt strategy that can adjust to changing business and technology conditions so it can survive for long term. The modern business platform has the ability to build and change a digital enabled business model. The model hold forth the business that goes to market, support its workforce and the way it produces its products and services. The most powerful new technologies that are knocking the door are Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, augmented reality, and block chain technology. Businesses have to be aware of the continuous development of the market and should come up with a well thought plan and strategy for new technologies. Interesting technological trend are mixed or multiclouds. Many company will operate on public, private and hybrid cloud. It is necessary to have a flexible business plan so progress can come through iterations and technology advancement. To run a successful business the digital leader needs to share their experiences and keep learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine learning platforms enable smart business operations. AI powered customer service system recognize customers, provide contextual case and transaction information, it support the agent to solve issues, and knew what new product and services would be best for the customer thus improving interaction with the customers. Block chain has become a part of the core business operation and expand crypto currency transaction management. It enables transactional transparency across many business verticals. Leading technology firms make massive commitments to the potential of Block chain for application beyond cryptocurrency. Chatbot: It can reduce customer’s waiting time in customer service, with the help of chat bots the customers no longer need to wait for the suitable representative when contacting by phone or through social media. Internet of things enables actionable and secure application of IoT sensors to high value business issues. Many enterprise businesses adopt a cloud platform, shift back to custom micro services based industry vertical specific solutions. IoT among mid-market and enterprise businesses accelerates as more IoT platforms are available to enable the actionable and secure application of IoT sensors to high value business issues. The level of use and adoption of these technologies is taking an important upswing. Data Analytics, Machine learning and AI: Data is a key component for the companies to make good decisions about products, services, employees, strategy and more. Companies like Microsoft, SAP, SAS and Salesforce are market leaders in the promotion of data being made into meaningful business analytics. Machine learning improves processing power. With the help of machine learning and AI, digital leaders invest in their data. AR/VR: Augmented reality is useful in enterprise workforce training. And virtual reality is feasible only for gaming and highly specialized applications in today’s market scenario. It is not necessary that digital transformation is same thing for every company. Some technologies will be little useful to your operations and others will naturally complement your established processes. Keep an open mind and have confidence to deploy new technology.

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