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It’s no secret that an increasing amount of companies are choosing to call Chicago home.

The Chicago tech scene is diverse, from scrappy four-person startups to massive B2C and B2B players of 10,000+ employees. Companies such as CDW and Cleo were founded here in the 1970s. The Midwest really started making moves when Groupon launched in 2008. Since then, tech companies are popping up all over the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Chicago is often referred to as the third-coast, a nod to the bi-coastal tech hubs of San Francisco and New York City. Other cities like Austin and Boston are also gaining on the big two, with tech startups coming in droves to the vibrant cities.

The general Chicago area has some of the best technology resources available, like an exceptional talent pool and a midwestern “let’s get it done” attitude. In reality, tech is relevant to everyone as software is slowly but surely ‘eating the world.’ As a result, there has been a major spike in the development of innovative tech ecosystems and collaborative environments to invigorate the dynamic workforce.