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Do you know on this earth 1.6 billion people understand English, that is 20% of the whole population, The rest of the 80% speaks other languages. If your website is only in English you are missing the rest of the 80% audience. The good news is that you can make the non-English speakers to land on your website by making it a multilingual website. If your website is built with WordPress you can use the WordPress translation plugins.

There are plenty of translation plugins available in the market some of them do the translation manually and some of them do the automated translation.

  • RC

    Rob Chaves

    5 days ago #

    A very interesting tool, I think it's convenient to use translation plugins if the site is built on WordPress. For my company, I used translation and localization services from this source https://thewordpoint.com/services/translation-service/marketing-translation-services I faced this when my company went global and therefore I needed marketing translations. I paid special attention to this and did everything properly. After all, the success and prosperity of the project and the company primarily depends on this.