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This article provides a definition for the term 'growth hacker' and gives a list of the top 3 three elements involved in growth hacking. This list is as follows:

  1. Passion for growth manifested in data and tests

  2. Applying the AARRR funnel

  3. Push the limits, hack and stay lean

For more details and reference material for each of these points, view the entire article

  • AL

    Angelo Lirazan

    over 5 years ago #

    Great share and introduction to the growth hacking world! (as it would seem to me)

    By the way, I moved this to the 'Growth Hacks' section! :) I also changed the title to 'Top 3 Elements of Growth Hacking' to make the title clearer!

  • PK

    Paweł Kijko

    about 4 years ago #

    Well done. And learn after yourself mistakes.

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