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Amazon announced in February of this year that it was opening 100's of PHYSICAL bookstores across the US.

Why on earth would Amazon do this?

They have been pushing Barnes & Nobel out of business for years. Consumers continue to purchase more from Amazon.com while Barnes & Nobel has been reporting YOY losses.

But what Amazon realized is:

Offline retail converts more browsers into buyers than online retail.

It's not hard to imagine why. The ability to evaluate and experience a product in person helps eliminate any doubt about its quality and value. Conversion rates actually get worse as the size of the device decreases.

There is a great deal of money being left on the table and Amazon has become aware of this. But what if Amazon approached this problem in a different way?

Instead of Amazon wasting millions of dollars opening physical brick and mortar locations, what if they could create the same in-person buying experience online?

In this post, we share how 4 different companies have created the offline experience, online. And how a little known piece of technology has doubled and tripled conversion rates for e-commerce sites, leading to double digit revenue increases.