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One year ago, Sebastian Beja joined the Organic Traffic Team at Mindvalley as a Senior SEO Specialist. In our conversation, Sebastian walked us through the entire keyword research process Mindvalley used to lift organic traffic from under 14k per month to over 122k.

  • AN

    Andrew Nicoletta

    almost 2 years ago #

    Love summary point #3, especially the - even if they're small - part: "Build long-term relationships with relevant influencers (even if they’re small) — and maintain a blog for their guest posts".

    At a past position, I would identify up-and-coming influencers/bloggers putting out the content we'd talk about creating in meetings for our audience, give them access to our much larger audience and to help supplement their growth. And when they eventually have a more established audience, start up an affiliate/cross-promotion relationship. After helping them, they want to help back.

    • NC

      Nathan Collier

      almost 2 years ago #

      It's a great point Andrew. I also think - you never know who's going to go on to have a huge audience a year or two from now. If you build relationships now, they can turn out to be even more valuable in the long term.

  • OS

    Olivia Seitz

    almost 2 years ago #

    I learned *so much* about keyword research just from Sebastian's process. I love how in-depth he went with screenshots and numbers to demonstrate what he did in an easy-to-learn way!

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