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In the SaaS category, there are two paths to become remarkable. One is to establish and maintain a high-bandwidth dialogue with customers and then automate as many customer-pleasing activities as possible into the product. The other way is to release a minimum viable product and then focus on evolving it to meet as many consumer needs as possible. Both paths will get you there, but the second may be a better way to build lasting value.

  • JE

    Justin evans

    10 months ago #

    Dear @nichole ! Many startups fail to inspire after generating significant revenues despite an attractive because of the model. The primary reason for failure is the performance deficit owing to inefficient management software. In the on-demand taxi industry the absence of effective cloud-based management software is the core limitation of taxi service startup systems. A precisely designed and implemented cloud model must offer the following characteristics. Here I was reading an article about the reasons of the success of cloud-based cab startups: https://cabstartup.com/the-reasons-of-success-of-cloud-based-cab-startups/
    Will be glad to hear your thoughts on this as I'm a little bit specific because I'm thinking of my own taxi business startup.

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