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Did you know that:

- It takes about 40 days to get 80% of SaaS (Software as a Service) conversions
- Or that Half of SaaS conversions happen AFTER the trial ends
- Or that giving people more time to test your product would not make them more likely to convert.
- Or that sales person-assisted trial conversion rate is almost 4x that of self-serve conversion rate

Or.. scratch these. The biggest question is:

Do you want to convert more trials?

I'm exploring these and many more stats, case studies, examples and email templates in my latest guide on onboarding emails. -> https://encharge.io/onboarding-emails/

This guide is all about onboarding emails (say Sherlock!) and helping you increase your trial to paid user conversion through emails.

Last week I spent a lot of time researching onboarding guides, books, reports, and email sequences, so I can bring you the most essential and practical information on creating effective onboarding emails in one place.

Apart from providing you with a list of example onboarding sequences, I’m going to dish out plenty of concepts and frameworks so that if you decide not to use a carbon copy of these email templates, you’ll still walk away feeling like you learned something about onboarding.

Click here to read The Unrivaled Guide to Onboarding Emails -> https://encharge.io/onboarding-emails/

P.s. If you've got a killer onboarding email or onboarding sequence you're using write a comment and I can consider including it in the post with a link to your product.