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Questions and Answers about Facebook Engagement What size images are best for Facebook? If you are uploading an image for a specific purpose or for display in a certain part of Facebook, you can check your image size with that exact location and purpose in the Facebook Ads Guide. In general, the best image size is 1200×628 pixels, with a minimum width of 600 pixels and a maximum file size of 1 MB for .png images. Any tips or insight for publishers who drive traffic from the Facebook newsfeed to their own site, especially with the future and current emphasis on native video within Facebook? Let’s take a step back for a moment and discuss why you might want to drive traffic away from Facebook to your own site. The primary argument for doing so, as initially described by John Batelle, and well-summarized by Joe Pulizzi is that any audience you gather on social networks is being “rented” or borrowed from the social network. Those networks can make it harder or easier for you to connect with your followers, as exhibited by the increasing difficulty to “reach” people organically...

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