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A pretty darn thorough guide to outreach with a focus on building relationships.

  • ZB

    Ziev Beresh

    over 2 years ago #

    Thanks a ton for recommending The HOTH's guide, @backlinko

    We are focused on being intentional and authentic in our content and outreach.

    The internet can be a cold place when people forget that the email or message they're sending is going to a real person with a brain, who knows what a canned email looks like.

    My personal take is that blogger outreach/influencer marketing is something that any industry can take advantage of, whether you're an agency or a roofing company.

    It takes dentifying those people or brands who you actually want to build a working relationship with and just being cool about it. Make the person you're reaching out to smile or intrigue them in some way, influencer marketing is still marketing.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    over 2 years ago #

    Excellent guide here. Even I can learn something new despite my years of work as an outreach specialist.

    Just make sure not to write the same three people everybody else already does.

    For example even though I know Dharmesh Shah from back in 2007 - when he reached out to me - he didn't even respond recently when I congratulated him on his work anniversary at HubSpot via LinkedIn. That's just one click.

    Successful people aka influencers get dozens or hundreds of messages per day and they are successful for reason - they care about their own business. Doing favors is their last priority.