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According to the current best estimates, there are more than 3 billion products for sale on Amazon.

That’s including 606 million products on offer in the U.S. marketplace alone (!!!)

Unless your products are literally one-in-3-billion, you have competition.

In order to get those sweet, sweet sales, you first have to get people to skip over all those other listings and click on yours.

But how?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your product pages on Amazon is to optimize them for search engines, which means using all the right keywords in all the right places to make sure your listing shows up at the top of shoppers’ search results.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Amazon keyword research.

This article will teach you everything from the basics — what keyword research is and why you should be doing it — to the advanced — how to use keywords properly to drive traffic to your listings and get conversions.

We’ll break it all down into simple steps.
Let's go.

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