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It’s happened to all of us, both in our private lives and our professional lives.

You are in communication with someone and all of a sudden – radio silence.

Where did that person go? Why haven’t they answered you back? Did you just get ghosted by a customer?

If you are a customer success manager, part of your day-to-day work consists of achieving small wins. Part of those small wins usually includes maintaining positive and consistent customer communications. This means that your big picture customer strategy is highly dependent on your ability to accomplish your daily tasks.

But when your customer is nowhere to be found, where does that leave you?

In this article, I will discuss why customers start to disengage in the first place, what you can do to avoid it from happening in the future, and how you can re-establish communication again.

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    Dhruv Mehta

    about 2 months ago #

    Detailed research on customer re-engagement & communication. Apart from strategies & processes, there is a prime need to use chat support tools like live chat (https://acquire.io/live-chat/) for real-time support. @andy_mura

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