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You just finished optimizing all the pages on your website.

Now your ready for all the search traffic to start flowing in.

Not so fast…

You have just begun.

You next move is Off Page SEO.

With both on page and off page SEO playing an important role in the performance of a website in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it is not surprising that there is a minefield of information and how-to guides to educate on ranking higher on Google.

The problem with much of this information is that it can be conflicting and ultimately confusing for those of us who are trying to implement it.

Add to this the rate at which Google algorithms change and you can soon feel you are trying to crack the Da Vinci Code when all you’re trying to do is rank number one for a keyword search phrase on Google.

Last year, Moz reported in their Search Ranking Factors as seen below that the #1 and #2 ranking factors are based around off page links back to your website.

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