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Published by Upworthy themselves, the 67 Slide presentation includes many of the techniques used by Upworthy to grow to 88 million monthly users in just 20 months.  It includes several examples and data.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    over 7 years ago #

    This is the ultimate inspiration for growing a media property. Upworthy is kicking some serious ass over traditional media companies. Please share any ideas it triggers for you about growing GrowthHackers.com even faster.

    • AA

      Anuj Adhiya

      over 7 years ago #

      4 ideas in no particular order:
      1) Add tweet (or share) this icons next to each submission so its easier for people to share posts with their networks (including those who have not signed up with GH)

      2) Conduct AMA's or focused discussions/q&a's with experts on GH/reddit/inbound/ustream/google hangounts/spreecasts etc - and then host the video versions on a GH youtube channel

      3) Conduct a growth hacking course/workshop on CreativeLive (the likes of Noah Kagan have already done so)

      4) Pinterest: Create boards for
      a) company focus studies
      b) Most useful articles (according to you and/or the community)
      c) Most useful marketing tools for xyz
      d) etc etc

      • SE

        Sean Ellis

        over 7 years ago #

        Thanks Anuj!

      • ND

        Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

        over 7 years ago #

        I like the third suggestion. Udemy may be a good resource for that as well, because growth hacking has been listed among their top ten skills being learned on the site.

        An excerpt from the e-mail I received about it in September:

        " Check out the top skills Udemy students are learning so they can break away:

        Skill Minutes of videos watched
        1. Excel 8,218,531
        2. Cisco (CCNA / CCNP) 4,480,481
        3. Java 4,040,995
        4. PHP 3,027,767
        5. Entrepreneurship 2,528,456
        6. Photoshop 1,622,659
        7. Photography 1,480,320
        8. HTML 1,422,790
        9. iOS 1,319,087
        10. Growth Hacking 1,210,210 "

    • DN

      Dorly Neto

      over 4 years ago #

      I have known about this content when I was reading your book! Thanks for sharing and for inspiration also.

  • ES

    elad stern

    over 6 years ago #

    great staff, Thank you!!!