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A quick Google search for the word ‘automation’ quickly reveals the two contradictory sentiments that have dominated the narrative around it over the past decade.
As I write this, two separate Forbes articles are trending side by side on Google’s Top Stories; one a cautionary tale about the dangers of automation on employment, the other a research piece advocating for the quickest possible adoption of it. These contrasting rhetorics are the cornerstone of the media’s treatment of the term as something to be simultaneously revered and feared.

So what article holds a point in this?

  • GA

    Gaurav Arora

    9 months ago #

    Hi Kerrie, Can you please elaborate a bit more on if there's a place for Chatbots in the near future?

    • KL

      Kerrie Lamb

      9 months ago #

      Sorry for a bit late answer, but sure, if you want a personal option. If you talking about the regular chatbot usage =>
      For now chatbots a quite pathetic in their present form, they lack almost everything that customer support personnel have and wins only in permanent online status. The best way to utilize them is to use built-in patterns for some operations like order confirming, gathering feedback and similar simple operations, don't ever rely fully on automation in customer support. Still, I believe that the current speed of how virtual intelligence developing will bring chatbots empowered by it to another lvl of usefulness both for client and vendor side.

  • GS

    gadget skool

    9 months ago #


  • ST

    scott thomas

    9 months ago #

    Great information about marketing automation. Thanks for sharing.

  • DA

    Damian Alexander-Du'bel

    9 months ago #

    Great Idea.