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January is the month when social media marketers try to guess the trends for the upcoming year.

We thought why not use the best predictive tool available to mankind — astrology!

  • AG

    antoine goret

    2 months ago #

    As you said, social networks will still grow in 2020 but you didn't talk about the rise of social messaging app and the trends that goes along with it: customer service.

    Companies have to be aware that customers will now use social messaging apps such as Telegram or Line to get in touch with them. It's a key asset to have when building the right customer's experience.

    I've written an article about it that explains those challenges: https://crisp.chat/blog/social-messaging/

    Social messaging is an inner trend of social media customer service so that's why I also wrote an article about it containing all my views, check it out here: https://crisp.chat/blog/social-media-customer-service/