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One of the main issues with running a blog is getting readers. But attracting readers IS the hard part, it can be overwhelming deciding where and how to start.

Many people use social media to attract new readers to read their blog posts, download their ebooks, or sign up to their mailing lists. But, if you’re not careful you can spend more time trying to find new readers through social media than actually creating great writing for them to read!

There’s nothing more disappointing than crafting a blog post and having less than ten people come to your site to view it. But there is a simple trick that works to get people to read the blog you spent hours working on, and it only takes a tiny bit of formatting.

- Get organic exposure without paying for extra reach
- Find what resonates with your audience
- Authors like James Altucher use this technique

Use these simple steps: copy and paste your blog post into Facebook, post at the optimal time and get more readers.