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Content promotion is a black box for many content teams—but it doesn't have to be. In this week's post, our all-star team member Ryan Law explains a simple way to unlock traffic: one post, one channel.

Instead of treating distribution as the final step in the process, we treat it as the very first. We start the content creation process with a single distribution channel in mind. We reverse-engineer it, and uncover the common characteristics that cause content to perform well. We build those hallmarks into the fabric of our idea. It looks like this:

- Distribution: identify a single distribution channel.
- Ideation: develop a concept tailored to the nuances of that channel.
- Execution: bring our channel-specific concept to life.

Ryan details how to use the "one post, one channel" strategy to grow organic traffic, spread like crazy on Twitter and tap into communities like Hacker News.

  • EK

    Eugenia Kuzmenko

    6 months ago #

    Thank you, Jimmy. Actually, I've never used every day of the week hangtags before! This is really helpful advice

  • UB

    Ultimate Banners

    6 months ago #

    I definitely agree with it's important to "identify a single distribution channel". It's also important that the channel is relative and useful to the audience you're targeting. This can take some time to research, but in the long term it's often more effective.

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