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Hook your users and keep them engaged by borrowing the psychological tricks used by addictive apps like Facebook, Snapchat or Clash of Clans.

Regardless of your app category, these principles of behavioral economics can help improve revenue, slash churn, and enhance user loyalty. Read on to find out how-

1. Make Your App Engaging Using The IKEA Effect-
Get users to engage more by giving them more control over the in-app experience.

2. Get Users Hooked by Zeigarnik Effect-
Improve onboarding completion rates by reminding users of tasks they haven’t yet completed.

3. Boost Retention with The Gambler’s Fallacy-
Boost retention and revenue by giving users quick wins when they start interacting with your app

4. Explore The Most Potent Cognitive Biases
Design your app based on the user biases that make the most addictive apps, the way they are.

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