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We make our judgement on the trustworthiness of a vendor very quickly. With standard emails it can be exceptionally hard to get your personality across.

With a short personal video you have facial expression and tone that can help humanize your company and build a genuine connection.

For production grade video every small factor from lighting to make-up is accounted for. For personal video it is all about being relatable, so there is no need to be hyper polished. In fact, having your co-worker wave to you in the halls or tripping while you are attempting to record your video makes you that much more “human” to the customer.

  • SD

    Sean Davis

    8 months ago #

    I agree with Video builds trust as personal videos are the most effective way to communicate the most authentic version of you. Also, most of the businesses believe their video marketing campaign is producing solid ROI. Nice article btw, here's the upvote to this post :)