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Product Market Fit is one of four fits needed to grow a product to $100M+ in a venture-backed time frame (more on the other fits later in this essay series). Brian Balfour talks about the 5 elements of Product Market Fit that he thinks are widely misunderstood and overlooked: - The wrong way to search for Product Market Fit. - Why we should be thinking about it as Market Product Fit. - How Brian's team defined our market and product hypotheses for early versions of HubSpot Sales. - What the search for market product fit looks like in reality, not just in theory. - Qualitative, Quantitative, and Intuitive signals of market product fit.

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    Anuj Adhiya

    11 months ago #

    "What category of products does the customer put you in?" - I think this is an important nuance to "What category of products are you in?"
    In a few examples I've seen, there can be some tension between how founders (want to) position themselves vs the context in which they are received. From what I could tell this happened because the founders defined the product more broadly in an attempt to communicate the large market opportunity, However the best, early response came from a niche within that broader market, effectively putting the product into a category. There was some resistance to being perceived as a "small product" but it pointed the way to potential product-market fit (or market-product fit) that could then be used to expand into the larger target market.

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