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The Honest Company attained unicorn status in 2015. A billion dollar valuation doesn’t insulate a startup from difficulty—even successful companies have their ups and downs. After a meteoric early rise, The Honest Company ended up raising a down round in 2017, dipping below the $1 billion valuation unicorn cutoff.

Today, The Honest Company is back on the upswing. The once-popular, then struggling, darling of the safe, eco-friendly, and all-natural market is having a resurgence of late-life success. We’ll take a look at how The Honest Company’s explosive growth has shaped their product offerings, how their hardships helped refocus the company mission, and what they’re doing now to regain a foothold in this popular market.

The Honest Company is a great example of how leadership can assess difficult times, work to provide customers with the best possible product in-house, and build a community for their mission-based products.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    7 months ago #

    Inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. I didn't even know Jessica Alba was into serious business by now.

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