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EDIT:  The BEST retention emails in B2B 

See the retention emails CloudApp, AdRoll, and CoSchedule use to maintain snd grow customer accounts. Janet Choi (Customer.io) breaks down how the best B2B SaaS companies achieve high retention rates and negative revenue churn in Chapter 1 of the new book Data-Driven Marketing.

Idea to test from this article (saving idea will set you up with free access to GrowthHackers Projects):

  • DT

    Dale Thompson

    11 months ago #

    The Adroll product usage emails are phenomenal. Love how they are dynamic based on the data in the system.

  • AK

    Andrius Kudirka

    11 months ago #

    Thanks! The sticker campaign makes tons of sense for Cloud App. What do you think an equivalent for a more Enterprise B2B company might look like?

  • SC

    Shu Chuang

    11 months ago #

    Even a 20% increase in new sales isn’t enough to offset a 10% decrease in retention. Exactly this. Been trying to drill this into my sales teams heads. Any thoughts on how to help get sales aligned on longer term revenue goals?

  • MA

    Michael Akinlaby

    11 months ago #

    This article blew my mind on customer churn.

    "Churn itself is a symptom, rather than the root problem you’re solving for. Churn prevention and the overall work of retention starts way at the beginning, by building healthy habits that benefit the customer rather than just treating the symptoms and throwing out a lifesaver at the very last minute."

  • BA

    Bhavya Aggarwal

    10 months ago #

    This is a great guide, love the examples shared. Yes, retention is not easy and is also a sum of so many things in the product. Email messages is just one of the ways to retain, although an important one for sure. Everybody in the team has to be well aligned.
    "The tricky — and perhaps wonderful — characteristic of retention is that its mission spans across roles and disciplines, including marketing, growth, product, sales, support, customer success, business intelligence, and data analysis."

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