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There’s a secret to growth that no one really talks about anymore.

Maybe because it’s not new -- and it’s not all that cool or techy. Or maybe because doing this thing usually ends up creating more work.

But time and time again, this one little "growth hack" will have the biggest impact on growing your business: talking to customers.

The original growth hack :)

  • MK

    Muhammad Saad Khan

    about 4 years ago #

    Its a very interesting topic. I have recently devised a strategy to talk to customers before any product/feature launch at Cloudways. We are trying to involve as many customer advocates to give feedback on what they want us to build and how our product looks like for a certain launch. Its extremely helpful to get the user experience before you go out for a mass acquisition. It will definitely help minimizing risk of any break or bad word of mouth if something goes wrong.

    Dave laid out a great strategy and I simply loved it.