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Your NPS score is solely the responsibility of the Customer Success Team... right? 🤔 

Wrong! ❌

I believe every department, from Marketing to Sales and Customer Success should take ownership of NPS.

In this article, I share the strategies of Product, Sales, and Marketing departments that helped us to increase our NPS 32% in half a year!

  • AV

    Ashish Verma

    25 days ago #

    Good article. As per my experience, how an organisation/department reviews NPS information and takes corrective action is equally important which sets the tone for next NPS. For instance, for a detractor or even a passive respondent addressing & resolving their pain points should be critical. Otherwise, next NPS will likely to yield poor results. Additionally, benchmarking with respect to competitors can help understand a good NPS score.

  • MN

    Maria Nagornaya

    25 days ago #

    Thank you! It's really interesting and informative article.

  • JM

    Jon Malmberg

    24 days ago #

    Great read, thanks for sharing! NPS is definitely a company-wide measurement and not a specific department. Whether it's a support ticket, an ad, customer onboarding, or a product-related experience they all impact NPS. I love measuring NPS using a follow-up question, "what one thing would make you rate us higher". Especially for detractors. This will give you actionable insights as well. Again, thanks for sharing.

  • SW

    Sam Wilson

    24 days ago #

    Hey buddy, I must say you have written a great article. Thanks for sharing it. The way you have described everything is phenomenal.

  • NC

    Naira Crell

    24 days ago #

    Nice article anna!

  • OP

    Olga Petrik

    about 1 month ago #

    Hey Anna! Nice one as always :) Love the NPS calculator!

  • JP

    Jagdish Parmar

    about 1 month ago #

    Thanks 😊 Very Nice👍🏻

  • NB

    Nina Bohush

    about 1 month ago #

    Another useful piece for B2B SaaS companies from Anna. Thank you for your work!

  • KJ

    Karan jain

    30 days ago #

    Very good write-up. I certainly love your website. Thanks!

  • VS

    Vikas Sahu

    29 days ago #

    Very good write-up. I certainly love your website. Thanks!

  • SJ

    Stefan Jolly

    26 days ago #

    Love these tips! I think I’m on the right track!