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The most startup-friendly technology. That’s how they call Ruby on Rails framework.

Just imagine you are building a startup. What would really matter?

I bet that Time and Money.

And here is Rails framework — startup racing car with a low fuel consumption🚀


Let’s dig a little deeper. Why Rails is SO cool for startups: 


1. The very first thing to mention - Rails WAS MADE for startups and was meant to be fast in development.

Sometimes the first one to launch is the only one to win.

This framework has a lot of tools, databases, plugins, and modules. 

All open-source = free of charge.

2. Easy testing

There’s no time for extra testing hours when you are about to launch.

Rails makes projects as bug-free as possible as automated tests are ensuring an error-free environment.

3. Simple architecture

Ruby on Rails development operates on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) principle.

In simple terms:

  • MVC brings longevity, testability, and maintenance to your project.
  • The MVC principle enables different programmers to work on different layers at the same time -significant advantage when speed is crucial.

4. Lower costs